Laneway Essentials – What it really means to us… 🕊

We’ve been thinking a lot about Laneway the Label and it’s evolution thus far…

What started as 5 styles in the summer of ‘17 has evolved into a brand we’re very proud of. Designing this new release, it’s clear that I (Liza ~ owner & designer…) have also evolved during this time. The focus is on creating a brand that will last, and not just a brand, but I suppose also an occupation, a hobby and a life that keeps me creatively energised, enthused and striving for more.

My background is in the arts. My love of art (namely painting) lead me to an interest in Art History, which in turn is how I ended up at UWA completing a Fine Art degree. I also run the social accounts for LWL (Laneway the Label) and you’ll see I can’t help but to feature a bit of Matisse, Gauguin & Monet here and there. I also studied Graphic Design, Marketing and Psychology… which I suppose has all helped me end up where I am today.

We’re really looking forward to the arrival of our new release. It’s been important for us to take the time to map out exactly WHY we’re designing clothes, and what exactly we want out of them. In a world where we’re completely flooded with more, more, more… We had to sit comfortably with the fact that we’ll be adding to this. As I said… I’ve done a lot of thinking, and what I kept coming back to was this idea of ‘ease’.

We live in a small coastal town in the South-West of Western Australia. It’s primarily a surf town, with some of the most amazing beaches and spectacular coastline Australia has to offer… and we’re not just saying this… this is a widely known fact! 🙂
Because of this, we are fortunate to live a ‘laid-back’, slower paced life here in a Dunsborough. We’re also surrounded by a community of talented artists, designers, entrepreneurs, athletes and more… I suppose Dunsborough is one of those special pockets of the world that can bring the best out in people..

Getting back to the idea of ‘ease’… It just basically encapsulates how I would like LWL to fit into all of our lives… Rather than release full collections with the seasons, I would like to offer versatile staples in premium, natural and ethically sourced fabrics. I want LWL to fit into your wardrobes and stay there… That perfect linen shirt that takes you from relaxing at home to coffee in town with friends… A Silk Blouse that can be worn to a winery lunch or to sunset drinks with a pair of denim shorts… Pieces that you won’t out-grow, and that you’ll want to return to again and again.

As I mentioned above, LWL is designed with you in mind…For anyone that is interested in building a wardrobe that lasts… this is for you. We’ve been so thrilled to ship our styles all over the world… Copenhagen, Paris, Canada, New Zealand, England, California… the list goes on… We can’t wait to watch this grow and grow… Will it ever get old seeing people purchase designs that you’ve made yourself? I don’t think so 🙂

You’ll see we’ve released the first few styles of our Laneway Essentials capsule. We’ve been so happy with the response, it really feels like the brand is taking shape. We’ve also been careful not to share too much with you… as we really have got some exciting projects planned for the year ahead. We’ll be sharing more over the next two weeks and you’ll get a further insight into where LWL is heading…

It’s not often we share like this so I hope you enjoyed that little insight into LWL…

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You’ll hear from me again soon…

Love, Liza x