A little look behind the scenes….

The Design Process.

Hmmmmm. Where to start.

Firstly, we were surprised when we found out people were interested in hearing about our design process. When I got thinking about how I was going to write this… I didn’t quite know where to begin! I suppose it all comes down to the design team – that being myself and my business partner (who also happens to be my mum!) Lee.

We talked about starting our own label for years. I have always worked in Mums shops…I think most people have heard of Laneway Btq yes!? 🙂
I do the buying for Laneway Btq, run the socials and online store, visual merchandise and work on the shop floor. So basically a bit of everything! The idea of starting Laneway the Label was born out of our love of clothes – beautiful, easy-to-wear clothes… We obviously had the perfect (even if we do say ourselves!) outlet to position our brand in – so we thought we’d give it a go.

I have to say our fist collection came to us very easily. We knew we wanted to start small, and with that focus we designed 5 shapes that we felt would sit nicely in Laneway (the store) while also offering our broad range of a customers some fresh, simple styles that suited our laid-back lifestyle down here in Dunsborough….

Our first collection launched in the Summer of ’17 and its safe to say it was well received! We shot our campaign with our lovely staff member (and very good friend) Bridget Brown @bridgetjbrown and local photographer Bianca Todd @biancatodd – Check out her work…she is super talented and also one of the nicest ladies we’ve ever worked with. That Summer (to our surprise!) we completely sold out of our first range of Laneway the Label. This then gave us the confidence and momentum to produce The New Release for Summer 2018…

We spent the year working on our latest release. We perfected each style through numerous design meetings, trips to Bali to visit our talented seamstresses, fittings, trials and errors, samples…and more samples! Each piece of lace, each colour tone, every button, every pleat and seam was meticulously poured over until we felt we had it just right. We feel as though this release is very much in line with the direction we want to take the brand…. We will continue to offer our signature styles as these are the very essence of our label. Although, we are always working on something new…. !!

Above all else, Laneway the Label was created to offer feminine, timeless, signature styles that will stand the test of time. Drawing on our love for natural fabrics and antique design accents, we want to create clothes you feel special in and can wear every day…. I know I do… But maybe that’s just me! ☺

I’ve added a few photos below that detail a snippet of the year that was…. Lots of Bali trips, fabric sourcing, fittings….and a few cocktails by the beach later….

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a read… Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or are feeling curious about anything at all! And as always, I hope you love!

Liza X